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Who’s Who (Get the look!) – Rihanna

October 16, 2015

One of our favorite fashion/beauty mavens is coming out with a new album and in true spirit of fall she has been rocking the dark lips!

Working from the top, start by grooming/shaping and filling in your eyebrows using the ‘Get In Shape Brow & Eyeliner Brush’ with a brow color that matches your hair.

Curl your lashes using your favorite Lash Out Loud mascara wand to add length and volume to your lashes.

Using the ‘Got Nothin’ To Hide’ Concealer Brush you can highlight under your brows, create an even eyeshadow base, contour your nose and lips and conceal any dark circles or blemishes.

For the star of the show, apply your favorite fall shade (plum, mauve, oxblood) with the ‘Read My Lips’ brush to accentuate that pout.

Last, but not least, bring some dimension to your face using a bronzer or dark blush using the ‘I’m Turning Pro Contour Brush.’