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Who’s Who (Get the look!) – Selena Gomez

October 21, 2015

Kylie isn’t the only one who’s got ‘Nude Lips’ & ‘Smokey Eyes’ makeup look down. Use the ‘Strokes of Genius Kit’ and ‘Triple Threat Multi Purpose Brush’ to get the basics of Selena’s entire makeup look!

Start with the ‘Triple Threat Multi-Purpose Brush’ to buff foundation smoothly and evenly over your entire face then use the fanned out edges for contouring and blush!

Brush through your eyebrows with the ‘Strokes of Genius Brow & Lash Groomer’ before applying your eyebrow products and afterwards to blend product into your natural brows.

Take a shimmery shade lighter than your skin tone and pat lightly all over the lid with the ‘Strokes of Genius Eyeshadow Brush’.

Take a dark bronze gold shade to accentuate the outer corner and bring that color into the crease with the ‘Strokes of Genius Crease Brush’.

Finish the upper lid with the ‘Strokes of Genius Pointed Eyeliner Brush’ to get that Selena kitty flick with your favorite black gel liner.

Choose your favorite ‘Lash Out Loud Mascara Wand’ (we would use the curling wand for this look) and favorite mascara to open up your eyes.

Take that same dark bronze gold shade you used in the outer corner and crease with the ‘Strokes of Genius Brow & Eyeliner Brush’ under your lash line and connect it to edge of the upper lid.

To complete this look, take a mauve/nude lip product to outline ¬†and fill in your lips with the ‘Read My Lip Brush’.