COLL.A.B.ORATE - Live And Breath Beauty - The Blog

The L.A.B.2 brand embodies individuality, confidence and a “spirit of learning”. The ColLABorate blog puts an innovative and inclusive new spin on the traditional brand ambassador concept, inviting beauty enthusiasts of all skill levels to share their work in an online space that lives and breathes beauty.’

The beauty community loves your creative spirit and individuality – we want to share your work, not brand it! ColLABorate features beauty blog posts and videos directly from your site so you get the traffic, the clicks and the love. Give us a shout on social media if you’d like us to share your post!

L.A.B.2 puts a powerful new spin on beautiful, creating new ways to bring artistry to life and inspire makeup beginners and beauty junkies alike. We’re a stylish beauty line that prides itself in creating innovative, trend-setting beauty products with top-rated quality as we blend excitement and sophisticated edge together. This balance of style and playful spirit appeals to anyone who embraces individuality and beauty as it delivers confidence in every stroke.